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Hey Lovelies

I went on a little lunch date with a girl friend of mine to have one of my favourite foods…..SUSHIII!


When you’re enjoying banter with your friend and stuffing your face with delicious food, you don’t really have time to worry about feeling uncomfortable because your pants all of a sudden feel too tight, am I right ladies?


That’s why I’m a huge supporter of elastic waisted pants because you can enjoy all the food you can eat and look good doing it. 😛 We can have it all ladies, we really can!


So I think we’ve all established that I’m obsessed with these pants. Not only are the super comfortable, but also make you look effortlessly chic as well.


I’m not a huge fan of black or any other color that seems too dark, but when I do wear dark colours, I always like to add a pop of colour to stand out.


If you’ve read some of my older posts you’d see that I love adding colour to my wardrobe all year long. I especially enjoy playing around with colours in this look, and I think the mix of blue and green are just right and perfectly summery.


Pants – Zara

Shirt – Lc Waikiki

Shoes – Turkish brand

bag – Zara

Necklace – H&M





Vintage Lace | OOTD

Hey lovelies!

How are you all doing? Are you good?

I have seriously been lacking in blog posts but I’m trying to get back on track! So I thought i’d end my blog post drought with an outfit of the day.


Im especially proud of todays outfit because…..guess what……I MADE THE SHIRT MYSELF. Yes, you heard that right, i designed and sewed my top all by myself! (I’m a big kid now)


There are so many adorable styles I come across on the web but I can never find the pieces I want in shops, so I’ve started making them myself.


I decided to make a bell sleeved top because am in love with bell sleeves at the moment; they just add a flair to the outfit and make it look super chic.

The baby blue lace is vintage and belonged to my great aunt. I really feel like it added a subtle “UMPH” to the top and it had some sentimental value for me.


I paired the top with simple blue jeans and these super cute blue heels and matching purse which are one of my favourites this summer!


Top – Designed and sewn by me

Jeans – LC Waikiki

Bag – Forever 21

Shoes – Forever 21

Bracelets – Mango

I hope you guys have a great day!

The Haute Topic



OOTD | Patterned Blazers

When it comes to shopping I always look for a piece that stands out, looks unique, or different. Whether it’s shoes, bags (I have an obsession) or tops, I always like to pick out an item thats special all on its own and needs no embellishment.


Blazer – Mango

Blouse – Old Navy

Sunnies – Koton

Purse – unknown Turkish Boutique





When I saw this patterned blazer, it was was love at first sight. I loved how the material looked and felt like it was hand sewn. I loved the burnt orange and baby blue color combination and how the pattern changed at the bottom half.



Watch – Bering

Bracelets – Acessorize

Shoes – Forever 21

Since this blazer was already busy enough on its own, I styled the rest of my outfit in solid colors. I didn’t want any other piece to steal the show from this super cool blazer. I picked a blue short sleeved blouse, these cute baby blue heels (that I’ve been obsessed with) to further accentuate the blue in the blazer, and I went with a simple little black purse to pull the look together.


When I’m picking out pants I always rely on some trusty black skinny jeans. Not only do they make you look slimmer but they always compliment any style/color you choose for the rest of your clothing items.

What are some of your favorite statement pieces?

The Haute Topic xoxo

| Barcelona |

“You can breathe in the music the city makes, Move by the rhythm the Gypsies play” Now, I may be quoting the Cheetah Girls but that doesn’t make it any less true! Ever since I first watched the Cheetah Girls and their adventures in Barcelona more than 10 years ago, I felt I had to experience this beautiful city for myself! I was lucky enough to do just that this past week!

The night I arrived to Barcelona happened to be the night that their city team FC Barcelona had a match. The city was brimming with energy; which was just the thing I needed to see after a long flight and an hour and a half trying to pass through customs!

I booked my hotel in Las Ramblas which is a 1.2 kilometer stretch lined with shops and cafes. Honestly, I’m so glad I made that decision because it was literally the center of the city; walking distance to many sites as well as the sea. Not only was it convenient, but it was always teeming with loads of people trying to take in the city’s unique culture.

Although there are many beautiful places to visit in Barcelona, here are the places I got to visit in the time I was there! So many places, so little time!:

Las Ramblas 

A long road stretching from the sea to Placa Catalunya, is one of the best places for a nice stroll. It’s a great place to enjoy delicious Spanish food, shop, and stroll through the narrow Spanish streets along Ramblas. IMG_3137


I was lucky enough to be there when the festival of San Jordi, which is the Rose Festival and it was a beautiful sight as the city was teeming with roses. Our hotel staff offered us roses in our hotel room!


La Boqueria Market 

The market, also on Las Ramblas, is a huge public market and also a tourist landmark. It’s filled with different things from fresh fruits and meats, to treats and kiosks. The market is always crowded, with people waiting in lines to try the delicious food prepared with fresh ingredients.

IMG_3167 2.JPG

IMG_3138 2

Barri Gotic 

The Gothic Quarter is an old labyrinthine street that leads to many squares. I loved the Gothic Quarter because it was a great mix of architecture and culture with musicians playing Spanish music around every corner; it was magical!IMG_3165





Cathedral of Saint Eulalia 

IMG_3161 2

Sagrada Familia 

Gaudí’s pride and joy, The Sagrada Familia is one of the only privately funded churches. Construction on the church progresses as donations are made. This church represents Gaudí’s whimsy, perfectly contrasting typical medieval architecture. The church is still not completed and is constantly surrounded by cranes, set to be finished in the next 20-30 years. The tickets that are bought to enter the church go to funding the construction of the church. I was personally quite disappointed with the interior of the Sagrada; almost all parts of the church were closed off to visitors and the part that was opened was quite plain compared to the beautifully detailed exterior. Buy your tickets online ahead of time because I learned the hard way that everyone must enter during their designated times.

IMG_2352 2


Park Guell

Here’s another location that needs tickets purchased beforehand. Save this site for a day when you want to slow things down because it’s a place to relax and take a stroll. I spent a good amount of time taking in the beautiful greenery and eating some ice cream under the sun.





IMG_3162 2

FC Barcelona

I’m personally not a soccer/futbol fan but I did enjoy going to the stadium! It was also fun to see grown men have as much excitement being there as children going to Disneyland!


Museu National D’Art de Catalunya

I, unfortunately, didn’t have too much time to enter the museum but I got to take a promenade around the grounds and it was beautiful. The museum provided a picturesque backdrop as well as a lovely view of the city below.



All in all, Barcelona is as amazing as I expected it to be and I loved the fact that visiting touristic sites were done in such an organized fashion, eliminating long lines!

Have any of you visited this beautiful city?

Until next time xoxo

The Haute Topic

DIY | Rose Petal Bath bombs!


I don’t know about you guys but I love a nice warm bath once in a while and ever since bath bombs have become popular, bath time seems to be a bit longer than usual.

Bath bombs are great, they not only smell fantastic but they contain oils that help soften skin! Unfortunately for us ladies who live in less commercial parts of the world, we don’t have easy access to these lovely little fizzy bombs.

After some research I found some great DIY’s and decided to try them out myself using at home products!

Making a bath bomb is pretty simple! They start off with simple base ingredients, from there you can add your own essential oils to suit your preference!

What you’ll need to make these pretty rose bombs!:


Base Ingredients

  1. 1/2 cup of citric acid
  2. 1 cup of baking soda
  3. 3/4 cup of corn starch
  4. 3 tablespoons of coconut oil (or any other oil of your choice)
  5. water to dampen

Other items:

  1. Rose petals
  2. Vanilla extract
  3. 1/4 cup of powdered milk
  4. rubber ball or Christmas ornament

The base ingredients are to be used for any type of bath bomb you choose to make; the scent and color are entirely up to you!

For my rose petal bath bombs I decided to include powdered milk to help hydrate and smooth my skin, rose petals (of course) and vanilla extract……who doesn’t love vanilla!

Okay so first thing’s first! Mix in all of your dry ingredients, which is what I did here…

2017-03-21 18.20.08

Next add in your wet ingredients, which were the vanilla extract and the coconut oil. Heres the tricky part. Once you add in your vanilla extract and coconut oil and mixed it well, try to compress the mixture with your hands. If the product can be easily molded without falling apart, you can go ahead and begin putting your bath bomb together, but if the mixture doesn’t hold well, add a few drops of water until you feel it can be easily molded.



To mold my bath bombs, I used a rubber ball which I found lying around the house. You can toy balls, christmas ornaments or basically any spherical object that you can easily fill and remove the dried bath bomb from. You don’t have to get super fancy with it guys, it is a DIY after all, just get creative and use what you already have around the house!


So, I cut a slit open at the top of the ball and slowly started adding rose petals and spoonfuls of the bath bomb mixture intermittently and compressing everything down very well at the same time. This is very important as the bath bomb will not hold well if it’s not compressed properly.

Once the ball was almost full, I carved a small hole and placed an intact rose in the center. I then closed the lid, secured it with tape and left it in a dry place for a full day.

Once I was sure my bath bombs were completely dry, i carefully cut open my rubber ball and VOILA, a beautiful rosey bath bomb!



Let me know if you guys have ever tried DIY bath bombs!

Until next time lovelies,

The Haute Topic ❤

The Rain that Washes Away the Gloom of Winter

Don’t you love the first rainfall of spring? The way the rain drops from the clouds in pursuit of cleansing the earth below of all of the woes of our winter days?

Watching as nature slowly begins to replenish itself. As it metaphorically stretches its arms preparing to finally spring into action from its months of dormancy, brings to mind human nature and how we as well become somewhat dormant both physically and mentally. We are often affected by the cold of the winter. It makes us lethargic and unmotivated, at times bringing some into a state of depression.

Life reflects nature. Like the changing seasons, our lives are filled with the darkness of winter and the growth and rejuvenation of spring. With every sadness, there is hope of happiness lurking around the corner. The springtime would not be as thriving if not for the dormancy of winter.

 No matter what point you are at in your life, No matter how cold the winter may be, no matter how hard it is to imagine the warmth, it will always come. The trees will once again begin to grow it’s leaves, the birds will once again sing their melancholy song, and just like the flower, you will once again begin to bloom…..

Spring is coming

The Haute Topic

OOTD | Pearls and Stripes


Spring is finally beginning to make an appearance and the sun is slowly warming up our days. For me, warmer weather means comfy pants, and nothing says comfy like these loose ankle length pants!



These striped pants feel light and super comfortable (I’m out here sitting criss cross apply sauce all day :P); its definitely a nice change from the usual skinny jean! I paired it with a simple white three quarter length shirt decorated with pearls and a leather strapped watch to add a simple yet elegant touch to the look.


I kept my outfit monotoned but used my baby blue drawstring purse to add a touch of colour. I then paired everything with a simple black velvet heel for a polished final look!


This look is not only simple but looks super chic!

Sunnies: Aldo

Purse: Forever 21

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Random shop in Turkey

Watch: Guess

Shirt: Souq in Dubai

Until next time lovelies!

The Haute Topic ❤

Habibi, It’s Dubai


Burj Khalifa at night

Don’t you love the feeling of arriving in a new city/country? Straining to peer out of the airplane window (because your friend wouldn’t let you have the window seat >_>) trying to see any recognizable landmarks; your excitement bubbling at the prospect of the places you will see and the things you will do?….This was my exact feeling as I landed at the Dubai international airport!

They say that the Burj Khalifa can be visible from any location in Dubai and the airport terminal was no exception. As soon as one exits the aircraft, the tip of this magnificent skyscraper can be seen, piercing through the sky like a giant needle.



                                                Burj Khalifa/ Souq Al Bahar

I came to Dubai to attend the annual Dubai International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (I’m a new dentist). After the 3 day learning experience, I ventured out to enjoy the beautiful city.

me being the coolest dentist at AEEDC conference

Being no stranger to a Middle Eastern country, I wasn’t surprised by the city’s more conservative views. Their reminders to refrain from public displays of affection and less conservative attire didn’t come as a shock to me as I have been accustomed to these cultural expectations.

Dubai has built its own little Utopia, when I think of futuristic cities, I think Dubai. Anything you could possibly want to do, anything you could ever think to eat, is available in Dubai. Almost everything is manmade; the city strives to top the rest of the world with new buildings and attractions popping up seemingly overnight. While I was there I constantly thought, “what’s next, flying cars?” —- They’re actually in the process of making flying taxis sooo I think I spoke too soon :p

Al Jumeirah Beach – Where you can enjoy the beautiful beach, join fun activities and ride camels!

Dubai has received a reputation for being an ultra safe city with most public places and all forms of public transportation having either a family section, or a section just for women and children. I actually really liked this idea because it brought on a certain level of comfort because not only did I feel safer but it was alot less crowded and often plenty of seats available :). They’ve gone as far as opening certain beaches for only women twice a week (mondays and wednesdays ladies FYI) to ensure that modest women can also enjoy the beautiful Sea waves of the gulf with comfort!

Al Mumzar beach 

My favorite part of my visit would definitely have to be the Safari! The ride through the sand dunes were thrilling but also fun because it induced alot of screams from the other passengers (I’m guilty of laughing at the expense of others :P). The actual safari site itself was even more fun with camel rides, sand boarding, delicious eastern food, henna tattoos and an amazing performance from belly dancers and fire breathers.

Enjoying the super fine sands of the Desert

Although I did enjoy myself in Dubai I honestly wouldn’t jump at the chance to visit again. Maybe it’s because i’m already accustomed to the arab culture that it didn’t thrill me as much as it would a person who hasn’t, or maybe I’m just the type of person who enjoys natural beauty and historical landmarks but whatever the case may be, I truthfully did not leave Dubai with that feeling of sadness that you get when you leave a city you may never get to visit again. Dubai is a definitely a place for people who want to experience luxury.

My opinions to the side though, there is never a dull moment in Dubai: there are so many activities to chose from; from sky diving to rock climbing to indoor skiing and even dinner in the sky (see picture below), you’ll never be bored.


Although there isn’t much natural beauty, the ingenuity of man with their new and innovative creations as well as the level of luxury that most are not accustomed to seeing is definitely something to experience at least once.

XOXO The Haute Topic




Being Bold in the Cold


I absolutely love the winter time! Being a December baby, I embrace the cold weather with open arms! The feeling of coziness that can only be achieved with thick blankets and warm drinks, watching old Christmas classics and literally roasting chestnuts on an open fire. What I love most about winter though, is the endless style opportunities that can be achieved; Coats, boots, hats, gloves, and layers upon layers of clothing!

I’ve always been the type of person who loves to add a pop of color into my wardrobe, so the wintertime should be no different. During the cold weather, people usually opt for darker pieces of clothing and my question is: why? Doesn’t it make sense to be a little more colorful during these dark dreary days than any other time? Shouldn’t we add some color to these grey winter days? Yes ladies, we should!

Coat – Mango

This winter I have been obsessed with oversized coats, and staying true to my love of color, I purchased this lovely Coral coat. Being a petite girl, I often have trouble with the sleeves of coats and shirts being a bit too long on me, so I love the fact that the sleeve of this coat stops right before my wrist which I think would go great with a nice pair of long gloves!


Top – Koton (Turkish brand)

I noticed that Bell sleeved tops have been pretty popular this year and being that I love the look of them I decided to add it into my winter wardrobe as well. I really like how they give off a very romantic vibe.


Shoes – Zara

I have also been obsessed with velvet lately, As George Costanza once said, “I would drape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable”. I love a unique shoe piece as well so when I saw this deep blue velvet ankle boot with this adorable strap and gold zippers in the front, I had to have it! The blue of this shoe is really subtle and accentuates in sunlight so I thought it went well with the rest of the items I was wearing.


Purse – Mango

Furry Keychain – Random shop in Turkey

Do not get me started on this purse y’all! I am living for these little purses; they are so easy to carry and really help to bring the outfit together without drawing attention from your other pieces. I especially love purses with gold handles because it accessorizes the look perfectly and gives it an edge. The only problem with small purses is that there’s no room for candy bars. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice the things you love for the sake of fashion! :p


I know that during these cold weathers we choose comfort over style but it doesn’t mean we can’t have the both! I encourage anyone reading to stand out amidst the sheets of white snow this winter and be bold with your clothing pieces!

Until next time ladies! xoxo

The Haute Topic ♥

Shout out to one of my best friends for taking the time to be my photographer, thanks for the support girl and to my self-proclaimed editor/manager, thank you for your much needed critism!

When in Rome….

Ahhhh La Bella di Roma (google translate, what’s up?), the city of piazzas and pizzas. The city with the perfect balance of the ancient and the modern world, with beautiful scenery, rich in history, art and culture…..and the shopping isn’t so bad either 😉

Recently I took a trip to this beautiful city; I’ve always wanted to visit Italy to experience the culture, the food, the language, and to be immersed in the atmosphere of amore!

Whenever I visit a new city, I always make sure I check off three important things. The first of course would be to visit as many historical landmarks and museums as I can. The Second is to eat as many different types of foods (pizzas, pastas, risottos….anything with carbs) and third is to make sure I sit back and actually enjoy my surroundings. The Third one is most important for me because although it would be ideal to explore every inch of a city, it’s just not possible. Sometimes you need to slow down and actually absorb the different sights and sounds and be able to fully marvel at the beauty of your surroundings.


I began my journey at the most well-known place in Rome and a favorite of mine, the Colosseum (duh), and the slightly less popular Roman Forum, it felt so surreal to be in a place that held so much history.  If you are as passionate about ancient history as I am, then you will know the exact feeling that I felt!



I wish i could post all of my pictures but then this blog post would go on forever because I literally stood infront of ever ruin 😛

The one thing I hate about visiting such popular places though is how crowded it is and the amount of time you have to spend waiting in line. The tickets to enter the Colosseum and the Roman Forum are sold as one, so here’s a little tip that I discovered that could help anyone planning to visit the Colosseum to beat the lines: Make you sure you buy your tickets at the Roman Forum booth rather than the Colosseum ticket booth because it will save you so much time!

After walking through all of the ruins I made sure to stuff my face with as many pizza slices as I could. All that walking definitely gives you an appetite for carbs!

yum-yum pizza by slice trevi

Another favorite of mine was the Trevi Fountain. I had lunch at a little restaurant facing the fountain, enjoying a delicious seafood risotto while watching the crowds of people from all walks of life sitting by the fountain throwing in pennies and making wishes.  The thing I love about this fountain is the contrast of this huge marble masterpiece to the colorful brick buildings surrounding it. It’s so out of place in such a beautiful way.


Afterwards I took a long walk from the fountain all the way to the Piazza Navona. This square was filled with more gorgeous fountains, it’s a place to relax and people watch!


From street performers to lively Italian music, it is definitely a place that sooths the soul.

On my last day in Rome I went to Vatican City, I originally wanted to enter the Sistine chapel but I got there on a Sunday so it was closed. Little did I know, the Pope performs Sunday mass and comes out to greet and pray with the people. I was however able to enjoy the beautiful paintings at St. Peters Basilica and the surrounding architecture of the Vatican. My trip to Rome came after I finished reading “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown, so you can only imagine how excited I was inside the Vatican (Have you even gotten so excited that you needed to literally tell yourself to calm down?).



If I had to sum up my time in Rome in one word, that word would be MA.GI.CAL, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I am definitely hoping I can see her again! *tear*


The best advice I can give you guys from my experience is, when you’re on a trip, always make sure you make your plans beforehand but also leave a little time in your day to wander aimlessly and explore places that aren’t in your tourist handbooks. Always make sure you stop and really SEE what you’re looking at, it will definitely make your travels all the more meaningful.


Until next time lovelies,


The Haute Topic